Roasted Leek!

LeekPics by Franzi.

Last week’s courgette-parsnip patties were served together with roasted leek and a wild salad. Like promised, here comes the leek recipe – it’s a vegetarian „evergreen“ recipe in my kitchen, which I prepare since I was 12 years old.

dishThe complete dish: Roasted leek, courgette-parsnip patties and wild salad!

Recipe: Serves 2-3.


500 g leek (cleansed and cut into app. 10 cm pieces), app. 30 g soft butter, 2 TblSps grated cheese, 1 TblSp mustard.


Cook the leek for app. 10 minutes in salted water. Drain the water and put the leek into an oven dish. Prepare a mixture with the grated cheese, the mustard and the soft butter. Spread it onto the leek. Roast in the oven for app. 20 minutes at 200 °C.


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