Erlend Øye? Erlend Øye!

Erlend Øye? Erlend Øye! I already knew and loved the music of The Whitest Boy Alive and the Kings of Convenience until I saw the Norwegian musician Erlend Øye the first time live on stage three years ago. That was when I turned into a huge fan of him, his sound and his performances… those moves are incredible! Now that his second solo album Legao is out, I need to listen to his song Fence me in on permanent repeat modus. – I just cannot get enough. Oh, I really have a soft spot for nerdy guys who sing…

Have fun listening!

Fence me in this video really contains it all: Plaid shirts, long beards, nerd glasses – and an incredible song that lets my heart melt!

Rainman Cute, good, really cute.

Grande, grande, grande those legs :D!!

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