Men in Plaided Shirts…

I might have a problem: I just can’t withstand beautiful men in plaided shirts. The question is now if this is caused by the male beauty or by the pattern. Honestly, I have no idea what it is – but those „plaided men“ REALLY attract me. Maybe I’m simply crazy. On the other hand, it is also true that plaided shirts in male fashion never went out of date and currently they seem to be more present than ever (what makes it sometimes quite hard for me 😉 ). I thought about the causes for my attraction for a while now … it’s possible that it is the pattern itself which reminds me on strong working men. Okay, that’s not enough to explain my overenthusiastic reactions. But come on… don’t the here presented exemplars look pretty HOT?!

Yes indeed, this post is dedicated the one plaided person who’s even more crazy than me.

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8 Kommentare zu „Men in Plaided Shirts…“

  1. Please check your emails. Forwarded an email to you from the person to whom this blog today is dedicated. You know what I think and what my advice would be!!

    1. It’s very late already and I’m sitting in a hotel room, but now I had to lough out very hard :). A plaided Jared Leto?! Yes, please! Can I have one?! Maybe this would cure me!

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