What I Think About When I Think About … BERLIN!

BerlinPic by Franzi.

Today I came back from the city I’m born in, the city I grew up: Berlin. I never really wrote about my feelings in regard to this city. The reason is simple: It’s an ambivalent topic for me. This feels somehow strange because everyone loves his or her hometown. And so do I: I’m raised in Köpenick and spent the biggest part of my childhood and adolescence in Friedrichshagen – a district in Berlin I love more than any other place in the world. Because that’s where I came from, because it’s where I feel save. But Berlin is more than this little piece of heaven in its eastern part.

Berlin for once is biiiig. If I call a friend and tell her that I will be on my way to meet her immediately… than two (!) hours later I will be there finally. In between the cool kids in the U-Bahn (tube) are behaving like I would be the tourist and Berlin belongs only to the hipsters. Thank god I am also a fan of totes – at least they didn’t realize that I am not on my way to hang out with other cool kids in Friedrichshain. Second, some places in Berlin really smell – dog poo, garbage, pee. The odour of a big city. Some places also don’t feel very safe. You get used to strange people, to poor people, to aggressive looking people. ….Those are the low sides.

But one thing is clear: I do love Berlin:

* It’s colorful mix of people, its tons of creative power: Where else do you find as many artists or entrepreneurs as in Berlin?

* Its cultural life! Every day offers new possibilities in Berlin: New exhibitions or fairs or parties, new interesting people to meet, new chances to develop new ideas.

* I do love Berlin for even more: For its architecture, its traffic system, its culture and also for its rough  and unique character…

I just don’t know if I would love to live there someday again. My family and friends are good arguments, but I’m still not ready to conquer this city every day. Maybe the day will come again. I guess there’s hope …and meanwhile I’m enjoying myself a while longer in my comfort zone, good old Osnabrück 🙂

I wish you a wonderful start into the new week. May it be an inspirational one!

And here is the BERLIN song: Schwarz zu Blau by Peter Fox.

Happy B-Day Isa! Have a great one in a great city with an even greater guy.

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