The Osnabrück City Guide!

OSNA 1All pics by Franzi.

Finally! Here comes the long-promised Osnabrück city guide. I know, I know … it took a while. But Osnabrück is such a great city that it was pretty hard to decide which places and locations should be mentioned. I realized once more, how much Osnabrück has to offer – it’s really not a big city, but I live here now for 12 years and am still discovering new spots. Moreover, it seems as if this city is permanently in action with all its festivities: The Maiwoche, the night flea market and the X-Mas market seem to engage whole Osnabrück every time they are happening. There are folk festivals, film festivals, media art festivals, culinary festivals, wine festivals… really, this city is permanently celebrating. I buy the local magazine Stadtblatt every month to keep track of all the activities around me. Admittedly Osnabrück has not only golden sites and I understand all of you who are complaining about the darker ones from time to time. But I love this city and with a look at the LONG list below, I know once again why. Isn’t it fantastic what Osnabrück has to offer?! … Speaking of all the events here: Do I see anyone of you at the Kulturnacht (culture night) next Saturday?

I wish you a week full of new local discoveries!

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Osna 2Activities:

I I love running down the Buhrenkamp. It’s also perfect for a walk or to harvest blackberries from the bushes at the side of the train tracks.

II The cross-coat from the cathedral (Osnabrücker Dom) is a green island in the city. I always go there when I have enough from all the hustle and bustle around me to take a deep breath.

III The town-hall is a must-see for every Osnabrück tourist: It’s the place where the „Peace of Westphalia“ was proclaimed in 1648.

IV The cathedral St. Peter is a beautiful calm place with a long history that is worth to be discovered.

V If you like industrial charm & a cool place at the water you have to go to Osnabrück’s canal. (I’m not sure if swimming there is even allowed, but everyone does it anyway.)

VI The train station Sutthausen was redesigned by the Osnabrück-located Artist Volker-Johannes Trieb. In the old station building you find now the restaurant Wilde Triebe which offers a fancy cuisine (it’s worth a try!).

VII The Piesberg with its museum for industrial culture (Museum für Industriekultur) offers an unexpected view over Osnabrück as well as industrial charm and insights.

VIII When you are at the Piesberg (No. VII), you are also at the entrance to the Hasestollen, which is pretty cool and adventurous to discover – for old and young.

IX The place I would recommend for a family trip is the Gut Sutthausen. There are lawns to run, an herbal garden to experience, birds and chickens to gaze at and bunnies to pet. Also a bike tour through Sutthausen is absolutely commendable – forests and fields and horses make every trip a holiday.

 More inspiring places: Dominikaner Kirche (Great art exhibitions.), Felix Nusbaum Haus (An impressing Liebeskind building with an exhibition about the artist Felix Nussbaum.), Emma Theater (A fresh & young program & I love their Lotter Party!), Rubbenbruchsee (Riding with a pedal-boat over the lake or enjoy the water while jogging around it – like many like-minded people.), Filmtheater Hasetor (A cozy old cinema that presents more art-house than blockbuster.), Erstes Unordentliches Zimmertheater (The improv shows are amazing. Reserve tickets!), Figurentheater (Presents shows for kids & adults – big fun!), Erzähltheater (I only learnt there that story-telling is an art. Fantastic!).

Osna 3Food & More:

X The Café am Markt offers great cake in a traditional atmosphere. Sunday afternoon I like nothing more than to sit there with a friend, a big piece of cake and a cup of tea, surrounded by old couples who are doing exactly the same.

XI The Lieblingscafé has the great concept to sell everything you find inside – the tables, the cups, the decoration. It has a cozy and friendly atmosphere and is the new Saturday afternoon meeting point for my friends and me to talk about the week’s adventures over a big pot of coffee.

XII Do Neto… what can I say about the Portuguese wine restaurant Do Neto? Maybe that you should order fried potatoes and aioli (!). The wine you will drink anyway – because it’s good AND because the host will make you drink it. The host is a bit crazy… but that’s what makes the fun.

XIII On Saturday mornings one will find me at the farmers market at the cathedral. You will meet me at the coffee stall, or with a freshly pressed orange juice in my hands, or at the stall with the grumpy and still friendly man who sells local fruits and vegetables. Ordering antipasti at the ‚olive man‘ stall, or talking with the funny ‚apple man‘. The ‚flower man‘ is also always worth a short visit… Yes, I am a big farmers market fan!

XIV Unfortunately I have no idea when it will be there next time, but I love the book stall from the social institution Möwe. They sell contributed books to the price you chose yourself. This happens at an irregular schedule, but if it happens then at Saturdays parallel to the farmers market at the cathedral.

XV In the Lagerhalle you can drink a beer, meet up with friends and discover their huge cultural program. Theater, concerts, talks, films, parties … something for everyone.

 More delicious places: Fricke Blöcks (Good seasonal food, warm atmosphere, tiny space – it’s better to reserve a table.). Rosendahls (The lunch offer should be great!), Il Capriccio (Inside you feel like the member of a huge italian family – reserve a table!), Calimero (The best pasta in town. Good wine and very friendly staff. Again: Reserve a table!), Rampendahl (I love the rustic atmosphere & their dark beer & hearty dishes.), Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus (A tip from a friend of mine: The café in the culture centre is open every sunday 2pm – 6pm.), Büdchen (Only open during the summer. The place to go at the Westerberg to enjoy a fresh beer in a nice and rustic open-air atmosphere.).

Dedicated to Osnabrück… and those 12 years here.

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  1. as a longtime Osnabrücker,I would like to add some highlights,which are worth to visit and enjoy:
    -Nettetal(Böckmann’s strawberrys/Minigolf/walking the forest/Knollmeyers Mühle with Kletterwald and watermill)
    -Botanischer Garten (now with a newly opened raw natural area,very nice)
    -Schlossgarten (Frisbee,Badminton,Boule,hangin around watching sleepy students
    -Bad Essen (ok,a little bit outside,BUT the finest old village in Niedersachsen,ask me for details)
    -Balou (Pub,football on big screens in+outside,smokers area seperated,good atmosphere)

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