Eat Something New – Week II: Smoked Salt … in a Veggie Burger!

Smoked SaltPic by Franzi.

Last weekend I had to visit some foreign supermarkets to do some research for an article. Among others, I also went to an Italian one and found…“Sale Marino Affumicato con Legno Italiano“ (aka sea salt smoked with Italian wood). That’s what its description says:

„It is smoked during 8 hours with the best wood of Chestnut and Walnut without adding chemicals. It is perfect with entrecote steaks, hamburger, steaks, grilled meat, turkey and chicken.“

Since I am not a big meat lover (like you certainly already know), I decided to try the salt in my monthly challenge of eating something new with a veggie burger. The burger was delicious and it really tasted slightly smoky, but it is well possible that this was because of the patty I used and not only because of the salt. Anyway, at least the salt has a cool color 😉

Recipe: Serves 1.

Ingredients: Smoked Salt (or sea salt), one ciabatta bun, ketchup, 1 unripe spelt grain patty, 1 minced onion, fresh grounded pepper, 1 sliced gherkin.

Preparation: Simply put all your ingredients at the bun. Put it into an oven and bake for app. 10 minutes at 200 °C. Done.

Last week I tried grains of paradise!


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