After Christmas by Gergõ Gosztom!

What happened with your X-Mas tree after X-Mas? In my family it will be immediately discarded at January, 1. In my own flat I only put down the decorations after January, 6 (the more traditional way). Where do all the abandoned trees go? They lay on the streets for a few days and then they are suddenly gone. Hungarian artist Gergõ Gosztom followed the fate of his trees, lit them up one last time and eternalized them on his photos. That’s his explanation of the project:

„I’ve always hated the christmas tree. It’s an unnecessary thing. We always throw them…“

Okay, it’s a morbid way to look at our tradition but it is also a way to say good-bye to all the past festivities and look forward to what will come.

I wish you a wonderful start into your weekend. May it be filled with moments worth remembering :)!

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