A Monthly Challenge: Eat Something New!

Eat something newPic by Franzi.

Let’s start into the fresh year with a new monthly food challenge. During the next month I will try to eat every week a dish that contains at least one ingredient I never tried before. There are endless options for our daily meals and today’s supermarkets offer all sorts of ingredients. Nevertheless, most days I am eating the same dishes: Pasta with tomato sauce, pizza, potatoes,…  It’s time to introduce some new tastes into my kitchen. Maybe a fruit I never ate before? Or a new spice? Let’s see how this challenge will go on.

Any suggestions which ingredients I should try out?

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4 Kommentare zu „A Monthly Challenge: Eat Something New!“

  1. Great idea for a sequel!
    Something I’ve always wanted to try myself is ocra. I reckon it’s used rather as a base for stews or comparable dishes, as it doesn’t have a dominant flavour of its own. But my westafrican friend is rather fond of it – so I’m curious!

    Looking forward to your ideas!

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