Another Shop Love: !

Around X-Mas a good friend of mine suggested that I should participate at a tombola. It was organized by her pal Jenny who has the webshop She produces little monks who should fulfill your wishes. And that’s how it works:

step 01
When you get a Daruma, both of its eyes are empty. In order for the Daruma to become your personal wish-assistant you have to begin by filling out one of his eyes – the left one for men, the right one for women.

step 02
The Daruma is then placed in a spot where you can and will see him every day, thus reminding you of your yet to be fulfilled wish.

step 03
Only when the wish has been fulfilled, you may paint out his second eye.

And now guess who won a Daruma and a beautiful pillow from Jenny’s little shop? Yes, that was lucky me :)! Now I only have to think about what I should wish for… Thanks Jenny!

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