Goodbye 2013! Hello 2014!

Tomorrow it’s already New Year’s Eve. Time to recapitulate the year 2013 and welcome the new one…

2013 was a year full of surprises, achievements but also losses. I started into the fresh year with my pockets full of dreams. Then I experienced the first big crash at day five. At day eight I finally got my tattoo (which some people around me only realized in October :D). In February I had to learn that I am most happy with myself (sorry guys), that a „Kohltour“ in Hamburg means big fun (and booze) and that Oxford was the perfect place to fill up my batteries (with books, friends and chai lattes). March came and with it someone who was worth to give it a try and forget independence once more. April, May and June were full of social activities with fab friends: My birthday party was an event I won’t forget. Then we participated at the restaurant day and opened our very own one-day-garden cafe. Later, I also organized a debate about the energy turnaround in Europe – a topic I really care for. July I planned to be the HUGE turning point in my life. I quit my old job and started as a writer. At least this was the plan. My health was not convinced and I ended up crawling on the floor. But that doesn’t mean that there was no joy. My pal Suse married. I spent a day in the beautiful Havelberg and had a fun night at a farm with friends. August was certainly not my happiest month ever, but I made the best of it. There may have been a lot of tears, but there were also long summer nights on balconies with candles, wine and good talks. Two of my pals married spontaneously in Vegas and came back brimming with happiness. September and October: A friend got a bad diagnosis and luckily she is fine by now. I decided to be better alone again. Even if you still care, it’s sometimes better to leave. Then everything went on extremely fast. In November and December I felt like myself again. I was able to restart with my sports and yoga. I got an irresistible job offer that hopefully will bring me forward in my freelancing career. I shared my time with new and old friends and simply had a good (but also work-loaded) time.

Let’s summarize: I risked a new career way and I am still clueless if I will make it or not, but I am sure that it’s worth a try. I still have a crazy family and will always have (and that’s ok). One person turned out to be very bad for me (this was on day five), another may have been right (under other circumstances). Not all of my decisions are always the best, but I am still learning: Now I know that I have to take care of my backbone. I have the best friends in the universe – I wouldn’t make it without them. It is wonderful to look at their lifes and see happy couples, pregnancies and marriages. It makes me happy to look forward to 2014.

No new year without New Year’s resolutions:

1. Stop eating tuna!

2. Listen more to my body!

3. Never forget to be happy!

4. Don’t forget my career dreams!

I wish everyone a wonderful new start into this week, a nice New Year’s Eve party and a perfect beginning of 2014!

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