The National Geographic Photo Contest 2012

Most of you know this one already: I’m a big fan of photography, especially of pics that were shot spontaneously and show just the exact right nanosecond of a situation. Back in time, my pal Isa and me often went for photo safaris around Berlin and made photos of real people in real situations related to a topic we concluded to before (look back at our Berlin Summer series for example). Those tours were always incredible fun and THRILLING – you never know at the start what you will get and it happenes a hundred times that you realize a perfect moment seconds after it is gone. Or how the photographed people might react… But the sensation of proud that you are experiencing while holding the perfect shot in your hands is indescribable and worth all the effort! Looking now at the winner and honorable mentioned pics of the National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 I’m getting a bit sentimental thinking back on these times. And if you cannot predict how people are reacting, how on earth you predict the next move of a TIGER?! Congratulations on all the winner and honorable mentioned photographers!

I wish you all a wild weekend!

 Ashley Vincent (Grand-Prize Winner & Winner Category Nature)

Michael Eastman (Honorable Mention Category Nature)

Eric Guth (Honorable Mention Category Nature)

Ulrich Lambert (Honorable Mention Category People)

Micah Albert (Winner Category People)

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  1. 😀 This picture of the fox stuck upside down in the snow just made me laugh!
    But what’s going on on the fourth picture? It looks kinda eery – is it some kind of fishing technique?

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