Berlin Summer

All pics by Franzi.

Obviously you are all in a quite summery mood right now. – At least that’s what I concluded from last week’s survey… and I promise you, I will prepare something worth a special monday post about the warm season very soon. To don’t let you wait too long, I show you today some pics I made in Berlin during the hot summer of 2003 (you can still see the Palace of the Republic in the background of the upper picture). At this time, my pal Isa and me often took our cameras and went out to shoot pics of people to certain topics. I miss these times when a look at our results now – maybe we should make the resolution to go out again and make some fresh pics… I would like that really much!

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  1. Those pics are amazing! It’s like having summer on photographs.. you and Isa should definitely do some more of these! Especially when it is so much fun! Enjoy your day at the garden and take some nice nature pics.. 😉

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