Winter Actions!

Winter ActionsPic by Franzi.

I just realized last week that I still haven’t made a Winter Activity post. But one look outside is sufficient to see that I’m still in time. Still winter… not my favorite season, but yes it’s beautiful in it’s very own cold, often grey and sometimes white kind of way. So what can you do on a typical winter day? Yes, if you’re lucky enough to have some snow, you can go sleding or make a snowball fight or go for skiing/snowboarding or whatever. Unfortunately, most winter days are more wet and cold and not-so-white. What can you do on these days? Here comes my list with suggestions…

I wish you all a beautiful wintry week!

Drink a nice cup of tea, staring out in the cold landscape.

A handcrafts project: Knit a scarf, …

Have a cold winter walk and enjoy the feeling of coming back to your warm home.

Start to think about this year’s gardening plans. Order seeds, develop ideas!

Have candle light dinners with your best friends.

Spend a sunday in the sauna.

Bake cookies with friends – the flat smells cozy afterwards. And anyway, everyone deserves a cookie from time to time.

Declutter your home … go through your wardrobe and old magazine stacks – it’s fun and afterwards you are happy about so much more space!

Go out, have a run. The air is freezing, but it feels sensational!

Start a new puzzle! Yeah, I know it will occupy space for the next months, but it’s worth it.

Go to the video store, take at least three films with you and spend the whole night with popcorn on your sofa 🙂

Go to a yoga class.

Make yourself a wintry salad.

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