Ink Art Pt. III

Again an Ink Art Post?! Yes, indeed. And there’s a good reason for it – I finally found a little piece of ink art for myself and I will wear it proudly from next Monday on (at least this is what I hope for ;)). But first things first, let us have a look on other people’s gorgeous tattoos. Mmmh, a paper boat or an anchor for myself?! Okay, okay… I will wait until I have my first one and decide then if I will ever dare it again…

Do you still remember the other two posts: Ink Art Pt. I and Ink Art Pt. II? Have a look back!

Feather Shoulder Tattoo

Anchor Finger Tattoo

& Partner Tattoo

Birds on Wrists

Paper Boat Tattoo

Anchor Refuse to Sink Collarbone Tattoo

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