Eat more Salad!

Finally, the time of festive meals and big dinners is over. I’m really looking forward to eating in a more balanced way for the next few weeks … at least this is what I will try. I think this little selection of tasty looking salads will strongly improve my motivation to eat a bit more healthy!

More delicious salad recipes you find HERE. Have a healthy day, everyone!

Butternut Squash salad with farro and pepitas via smitten kitchen. A

vocado vinaigrette via back to her roots.

Minted red quinoa, fava bean and cashew salad via Olives for Dinner.

Kale salad with grapes and poppy-seed dressing via My New Roots.

Thai zucchini pasta salad via Peas and Thank You.

Smoked salmon and potato salad with dill via Cook Your Dream.

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