Hit the Dancefloor with 90s Tunes!

Okay, here comes the Listen part of our 1990s week. My first thought was to present you the Top 10 of my 90s hits. This decade was full of great songs and even greater artists. But since most of them play still a big part in my life, I decided against it. It’s a bit boring to introduce you to all my music idols in only one post… Instead I will present you some „not so-cool“ tunes of the decade, which – however – were milestones not only in musical history, but also for my own life (good old gone adolescence). Have fun while listening to them and remembering the still very cool 1990s!

Now I’m in the right mood for a 90s party! Maybe I will go to THIS one. Anyone joining me?

Marusha – Over The Rainbow

… This song marks the start of a short techno phase in my life.

Whigfield – Saturday Night

… Yeah, I have to admit I also wore these braids.

East 17 – House of Love

… I had a crush for a boy the first time in my life, I was in summer camp, I listened to this song and I DANCED like hell! Good old memories!

All 4 One – I Swear

… Honestly, I fell in love with this song back then. Creepy, isn’t it?

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