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Music defines me. I cannot live without it. It’s essential for me. BUT: If I’m suffering heartache, I can’t even stand to turn on the radio. Every song reminds me on something lost, makes me sad, brings me to tears. I miss my music these days. It’s like eating: I know I have to, but I just can’t. That’s why I asked some of you what you’re listening to during bad times. And I was brave enough to listen to every single song. I have to admit, I don’t feel better now, but some of them are really powerful and I’m impressed about the variety of answers. Thanks guys!

What are you listening to while having a broken heart? Can you stand music during those times? Tell me!


1. Powerful: D.O.A.- Foo Fighters

2. Beyoncé – Me, myself and I

3. Dead Sunrise – Let Down

Isa and Conny (This list nearly gave me a meltdown – but I really like the first song. You know, German songs are the hardest…):

1. Virginia Jetzt! – Bitte bleib nicht, wenn Du gehst

2. Phillipp Poisel – Eiserner Steg

3. Glashaus – Wenn das Liebe ist

4. Echt – Weinst Du

And then they told me this one, which made me smile (a tiny bit) again: 

Lenny Kravitz – It ain’t over ‚til it’s over

Trac (our male perspective):

1. Angry:  Limp Bizkit – break stuff

2. I had to laugh about this song – thanks, Bro!: Christina Aguilera – Fighter

Suse (these were also too hard for me):

1. James Blunt – Goodbye my lover

2. James Morrison – Broken Strings


1. Yes, I had to cry while listening to it… Philipp Poisel – Ich will nur

2. Love it: Imany – You Will Never Know


1. Too optimistic for me, but a nice song: George Harrison – Got my mind set on you

2. This one fits more with my mood: Garbage – I’m only happy when it rains

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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