Solo by Lizzy Stewart

„A sort of diary about doing things in London“ by Lizzy Stewart (or just „Solo„) is a real mood lifter for me. This girl really speaks out the truth about (single) girls every-day problems. She even draws her bad days. It’s incredible that also these pictures can make you smile a little bit, just because you recognize yourself in them. So enjoy her work – and, really, read her blog. BTW: She just started selling a monthly zine with her daily adventures. So, if you’re more into paper than into screens, that’s maybe something for you.

March, the 5th 2012

February, the 4th 2012

February, the 3rd 2012

February, the 16th 2012

February, the 18th 2012

February, 27th 2012

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2 Kommentare zu „Solo by Lizzy Stewart“

  1. Her drawings are very charming! I must admit I like her style, though can’t quite find myself in every picture. But that’s ok I guess. Thank you for this lovely post!

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