Fashion Highlight Spring 2017: Blousons (Bomber Jackets)!

Two blousons I saw last week at the #SMWHH. Pic by Franzi.

The last week I spent at the Social Media Week Hamburg #SMWHH. I not only learned a lot of interesting new things, but also spotted very stylish people all around me. The one item that I came across again and again were silky (really: parachute fabric!) blousons – aka bomber jackets!

I was surprised: Bomber jackets always remind me on my adolescence in the 1990s were they represented a clear (right-oriented) political standing. Now they come with floral designs and bright flashy colors. They are teamed up with skirts or skinny jeans and worn by women and men! With the still colder temperatures out there most people I met wore them as a blazer or cardigan underneath their winter coats. Nevertheless, I am sure that blousons will be worn as light coats when it’s finally getting warmer.

Would you wear a bomber jacket? Let me know!
Have a beautiful week!

Some second-hand blousons I found in the PICKnWEIGHT store in Hamburg.

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What I Learned at the Social Media Week in Hamburg! #SMWHH

SMWHHPic by Franzi.

“We are right in the middle of the digital revolution.”

Last week I happily joint another Social Media Week. This time in Hamburg. Those are the things I learned at the #SMWHH:

About Facebook:
“Every 2nd organization in the U.S. posts at least one video per week on Facebook.”

“You can tell a good story in one post … or in ten.”

“A post that would have been okay in the past, is made perfect by a professional writer today.”

“Social media are not a channel anymore, it’s a mindset.”

“Today the organic reach of a Facebook post is 6% of your followers, in short time it will be 0%.”

“Organic reach is like a gully – nothing is projectable.”

10 Reasons to use twitter (by Christiane Brandes-Visbeck):
1. The first to know. Knowledge is power.

2. Recognizing trends. Being innovative.

3. Following experts and influencers. …and becoming one.

4. It’s the taking part that counts! Twitter users belong to the information elite.

5. Networking like a pro.

6. Becoming an ambassador for your label.

7. Speaking for the organization …with your own words.

8. Showing the own competence. Being visible as an expert.

9. Social selling.

10. Formulating your own thoughts – and being heard.

About the start-up culture & networking in Germany:
“People don’t have a connection in Germany…. Everything starts really isolated. Networking and helping each other out has to be part of the culture.”

About journalism in a field of special-interest:
“The internet promotes specialists.”

“Niche journalism empowers the own label.”

“Niche journalism needs passion, passion, trust, marketing and business sense.”

I wish you a wonderful start into the new week. May it be a social one :)!

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Those Things I have learned at the Social Media Week 2014!

SMWPic by Franzi.

Last week, I spent a few days on the Social Media Week in Berlin. Last year, I attended it for the first time and was pretty inspired by it. This year, it was even better. The schedule was full of interesting talks and I often couldn’t really decide to which of the three great locations I should go next. So, I would like to share some of the things I have learned there with you…

I wish you a perfect start into the new week. May it be full of new insights!

On Facebook I: “What matters to people are people.” Their stories. Everything that makes them think, cry or laugh. You need stories, not facts. “Facebook is basically small talk.” (Thanks for this inspiring talk, Nico Westermann (Facebook) & Fabian Maier (Vice Media GmbH).)

On Facebook II: On average, the 16-45 olds are 137 minutes per day on Facebook and 129 minutes per day watching TV. So, Facebook REALLY is the new number one medium.

On Facebook III: There are 1.500 stories on Facebook everyday that could be seen by the average user, but only 171 that really appear on the news feed.

On my generation: The 18-34 olds are called “Millennials“. That was a new one for me. Am I the only one? Or even better: “Generation easyJet”.

On engaging communities with social media: Social media is a party… Like on every party there are some influencers. Those are the ones you have to find.

On getting your dream job I: In the 90s we had an employers market, whereas nowadays it’s an employees market. Get to know the employees of the firm you’d like to work in. They can do a lot for you.

On getting your dream job II: If you’re going to a job fair, try to be there early. Everyone will be exhausted after several hours recruiting, so grab your chance when they are still fresh.

On the job platform XING: It’s actually pronounced CROSS…ing. Yeah, I know that it’s obvious :).

On scaling a small start-up to a big team I: “Don’t have sacred cows.” = Processes need to be evaluated and to be scaled. Don’t be afraid of changes.

On scaling a small start-up to a big team II: Use a happy-o-meter to get a feeling on the mood of your team.

On scaling a small start-up to a big team III: Let’s grade your meetings. (Thanks Christian Holm from Podio for this inspiring talk!)

On a great pitch: Is it clear? Is it beautiful? Is there a need? Is it massive/sustainable? (Thanks for this pretty sum-up, Mike Betts!)

On making decisions: Use the SWOT method. For everything – whether you have to decide about a project, a new flat, a new job… use it.

On snippets of my mind:

“Berlin is still a hipster city, but I’m slowly getting to be okay with it.”

“The coffee guy looks cute. Is he speaking German? Nobody speaks German here.” {It follows a conversation in English. He serves me coffee and cake. Speaks in fluent German and Irish accent to the next guests}

“Copenhagen seems to be another cool city to live in.”

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