A X-Mas Song For Tuesday: Hey Santa by Carnie & Wendy Wilson!

To get us all into the right X-Mas mood I decided to present you one X-Mas song each week during this year’s Advent season. Let’s start with Hey Santa by the sister duo Carnie & Wendy Wilson, a romantic and cute song that I already loved when it came out in 1993.

Merry listening!

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A Song for Tuesday: Dreams by The Cranberries!

And again, we take a train down memory lane… For the last few days, The Cranberries’ song Dreams lingered in my mind. The air feels already like fall – and the first leaves are turning yellow. Do you remember THIS scene from the movie You’ve got Mail? Maybe I saw the film just too often but in my oppinion the song is the perfect fall soundtrack!

Oh my life is changing everyday
In every possible way
And oh my dreams
It’s never quite as it seems
Never quite as it seems.”

Have fun listening!

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Music Idols: Radiohead!

I just realized that I already wrote a few times about my rare music idols and that I also mentioned the one band that symbolizes me in regard to music more than any other band or singer a few times – Radiohead! But so far I never dedicated them a whole post. Sometimes I shy away from writing about something that really means a lot to me. This was a long time the case for Miró, it is still the case for some other things – but at least it has to be changed for Radiohead today. Where do I begin with?! I told you that (at least in my foggy memories) Radiohead were defining the music world during the 1990s… back then they released their incredible first album Pablo Honey. But this was not the time I started listening to their music … it all started much later when I discovered the perfection of the one song I would choose if I had to bename my favorite: Creep. I danced through my flat, tears in my eyes, I felt the whole power of the vocals and the desperate voice of Thom Yorke. I felt that this song somehow helped me. And this was when my love for this band was born … and it continues until today, no matter how experimental their musical developments were during the last years, I always found something I adored. And that’s why I call them my music idols.

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Those were the books of my 1990s!

I have to admit something: When I planned this 90s week, I had a lot of ideas for my five different categories. But in the end, none of them was used. Either I prepared something and it looked ugly (this happened for the Special Monday), or I realized that my idea was boring (Listen), or I suddenly discovered that the 90s differed a lot from my sugar-coated memories (Look), or a more intensive research revealed something a lot more interesting (Taste), or … a friend of mine had a much better idea, which was the case for today :). Actually I planned to post something about 90s fashion photography – I will never forget the pictures of the 15-year-old Kate Moss by photographer Corinne Day. But when I spoke about this week’s 90s topic with my pal Isa, she suggested to make something about the books we read back then. What a fabulous idea!

The 90s were the time of my adolescence…I started as an 8-year-old kid and with the new millennium I was, at least legally, an adult. I read A LOT during this whole period, but it all started with children books (and ended with Harry Potter)…

The book I adored the most as a kid was Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking – Pippi was a role model for every girl. Her independent way of life was fascinating and I would have killed for a pet like Mr. Nilsson! A must-read for every generation!

I clearly loved wild girly characters since the second book that really impressed me was Else Ury’s Nesthäckchen (unfortunately only one book of the series was published in English). This daughter of a doctor never behaved like it was expected by her parents – something that fits somehow to my own actions back then!

I devoured all the books of Magda Trott’s Pucki series (only available in German)! Again a stubborn, headstrong person, who went her own way. These books were already read by my grandmothers and I literally forget myself while being completely in Pucki’s world!

Vampires are not a new literally phenomenon! The Little Vampire by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg was the coolest dead friend I could have wished for as a kid! Rüdiger (vampire) and Anton (kid) experienced the wildest and funniest adventures together. I was a bit jealous of Anton…

The Famous Five by Enid Blyton were a series I was obsessed with! I still remember how I digged into the stories and forget everything around me. In fact I was so impressed, I actually founded my own detective club! Moreover, I just heard that the stories about the five friends solving one secret after the other currently are celebrating a big revival, even among my own generation (which is following their adventures via audio books).

And last but not least there was J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. I think that I don’t need to tell you anything about it. The only thing I would like to share with you about my favorite wizard is that this was the very first book I (voluntary) read in English. From then on, it somehow never stopped again…

Special feature: Five long years ago, I made a radio broadcast about Astrid Lindgren for the Unifunk Osnabrück (the radio channel for the University). It’s German and quite funny to listen to today:

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What we ate during the 90s + my Mum’s Soljanka!

What was special regarding the field of food of the 90s? The very first thing that came into my mind are childhood memories of fancy, colorful SWEETS! The smurfs, the candy necklaces, the flavored bubble gums and wonder balls! But there was more to be found in our kitchens: Shortly after the German reunification, we were offered with dishes from the whole world. In my family you could still find a somehow Russian/GDR-marked cuisine. One big favorite was the incredible fast and easy to make soljanka (solyanka), a typical Russian soup based on bell peppers and tomatoes. My mum still prepares it from time to time – normally its made with jagdwurst, but for me she always cooks an extra-pot of the vegetarian variation…

Pic by Franzi.


Ingredients (serves 2-3): One glass of gherkins, one glass of ready-made lesco (700 ml), 1 onion, salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar, 2 TblSps oil, water (app. 300 ml).

Preparation: Heat the oil in a large pot. Peel and slice the onion, roast gently in the oil until tender. Add diced gherkins, roast gently for another minute then add the soljanka. Boil up and add approximately 100 ml of the gherkin water and as much water as is needed to reach a consistency you like. Boil up again and let cook on a medium heat for 20 minutes. Season with salt, pepper and sugar.

Recipe for PRINT


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Hit the Dancefloor with 90s Tunes!

Okay, here comes the Listen part of our 1990s week. My first thought was to present you the Top 10 of my 90s hits. This decade was full of great songs and even greater artists. But since most of them play still a big part in my life, I decided against it. It’s a bit boring to introduce you to all my music idols in only one post… Instead I will present you some “not so-cool” tunes of the decade, which – however – were milestones not only in musical history, but also for my own life (good old gone adolescence). Have fun while listening to them and remembering the still very cool 1990s!

Now I’m in the right mood for a 90s party! Maybe I will go to THIS one. Anyone joining me?

Marusha – Over The Rainbow

… This song marks the start of a short techno phase in my life.

Whigfield – Saturday Night

… Yeah, I have to admit I also wore these braids.

East 17 – House of Love

… I had a crush for a boy the first time in my life, I was in summer camp, I listened to this song and I DANCED like hell! Good old memories!

All 4 One – I Swear

… Honestly, I fell in love with this song back then. Creepy, isn’t it?

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Topic of the Week: Cool 1990s!

It’s a while ago since I made a theme week to a special decade. So I decided to dedicate this one to the cool 1990s!

To begin with, I would like to share with you the realization I had today about the decade of my own teenage years: While preparing this post, I was first collecting my own memories about the 1990s and all the things related. The topic Cool 1990s was one result of these considerations, because what first came into my mind were:

  • Grunge, Nirvana, ripped jeans and flannel shirts.
  • Cool and shocking fashion photography.
  • Unisex style.
  • Mix Tapes, MTV and the first CD players.

And then I started some fundamental/investigative journalistic work (I typed „1990s“ into the field of my search engine 😉 ) and was a bit shocked because I found the following:

  • Techno, boybands and girly style.
  • Tamagotchis!
  • Neon colors everywhere, belly tops and baggy pants.
  • Talk-Shows.

Is it possible that the 1990s were not as cool as I remember them?! Currently I have the feeling that everyone speaks about this decade and we are celebrating a BIG revival: In fashion fall/winter everything will be about dark colors, grungy styles – velvet,  cord, leather.  The same is true for music: Blur is back and I cannot remember a time when it was more sophisticated to say that your favorite bands are Massive Attack, Radiohead and Portishead (were they already this popular back in the 90s?!). But does this all really credit the 1990s? Or is it only my own one-dimensional way of looking onto the current developments:  A few weeks ago I was in a club, standing in the mid of a crowd of twenty somethings, who were all singing to Ace of Base’s All That She Want’s from the top of their lungs. Everyone knew the text (me excluded)! And this was not even one of the currently extreme popular 90s parties… Maybe the things I believe to be „no so cool“ about this decade were in fact the really innovative ones. Which decade was expressing themselves with more varied styles, which generation ever was embracing technology with such open arms? Maybe tamagotchis are a long gone memory now and Take That is not causing a mass hysteria anymore, but would we all be were we are now, without these experiences? Would I still like guitars more than an electronic bass and my good old jeans (ripped or not) more than a tight neon-colored plastic pant? I believe some experiences have to be made to make one aware of what to prefer and what not (so much). Indeed, the 1990s rule…

… and what a cool decade they were!

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The 90s were your golden twenties. Again, happy birthday to one faithful reader 🙂

A life in TV Series! Part I: Childhood and Teenage Years

Do you like watching TV? Do you like watching TV series? For me, TV series were always a good way to relax in front of the telly. I brainstormed this weekend which series I watched at which age… and realized that you can perfectly see in which phase of life I was while watching a specific series. Some of them really defined how I planned my evenings or weekends. Today, I prefer watching series on DVD. That doesn’t mean that I watch less series then in my adolescence. But I believe that’s an addiction many among you suffer from. Am I right?

Which series were you watching during your childhood or adolescence? I would be happy to know it!

7-10 years old:

ALF! Sure! Is there any kid existing who wasn’t watching the cool alien with his big taste for cats?!

What else? Batman, Knight Rider, The A Team, ChiPs, Little House on the Prairie, Love Boat

10-13 years old:

The Cosby Show: Oh, Theo I was a big fan of you. And your dad was incredible cool… This family was looking like they had always fun – and even the siblings liked each other. They made me laugh out loud at least 100 times!

Roseanne: Darlene – you were my favorite character ever!  – Cool, confident, creative, unique, and sensible. Oh, and Roseanne Barr: Your part in She-Devil was gorgeous!

Beverly Hills, 90210: The clear beginning of my teenage years (And everyone else around me).

What else? Growing Pains, Baywatch, Full House, The X-Files, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Nanny.

14-16 years old:

My so-called life: With a very young Claire Danes and an incredible cute Jared Leto… I was in the 8th grade, new in class, fought with my parents every single day… and spent every Saturday evening on my grandparents’ couch, watching the everyday struggles of the teenager Angela. My grandma never really get what I liked about this series so much. Nevertheless, she was kind enough to endure it. And joined me watching it every single week!

Dawson’s Creek: I followed the friendship goes relationship story between Joey (the young Katie Holmes), Dawson and Pacey every week with such a high curiosity that it was very hard to wait another week for the next episode.

What else? It appears like there were not so many series around this time that I spent my time with 😉

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