A life in TV Series! Part I: Childhood and Teenage Years

Do you like watching TV? Do you like watching TV series? For me, TV series were always a good way to relax in front of the telly. I brainstormed this weekend which series I watched at which age… and realized that you can perfectly see in which phase of life I was while watching a specific series. Some of them really defined how I planned my evenings or weekends. Today, I prefer watching series on DVD. That doesn’t mean that I watch less series then in my adolescence. But I believe that’s an addiction many among you suffer from. Am I right?

Which series were you watching during your childhood or adolescence? I would be happy to know it!

7-10 years old:

ALF! Sure! Is there any kid existing who wasn’t watching the cool alien with his big taste for cats?!

What else? Batman, Knight Rider, The A Team, ChiPs, Little House on the Prairie, Love Boat

10-13 years old:

The Cosby Show: Oh, Theo I was a big fan of you. And your dad was incredible cool… This family was looking like they had always fun – and even the siblings liked each other. They made me laugh out loud at least 100 times!

Roseanne: Darlene – you were my favorite character ever!  – Cool, confident, creative, unique, and sensible. Oh, and Roseanne Barr: Your part in She-Devil was gorgeous!

Beverly Hills, 90210: The clear beginning of my teenage years (And everyone else around me).

What else? Growing Pains, Baywatch, Full House, The X-Files, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Nanny.

14-16 years old:

My so-called life: With a very young Claire Danes and an incredible cute Jared Leto… I was in the 8th grade, new in class, fought with my parents every single day… and spent every Saturday evening on my grandparents‘ couch, watching the everyday struggles of the teenager Angela. My grandma never really get what I liked about this series so much. Nevertheless, she was kind enough to endure it. And joined me watching it every single week!

Dawson’s Creek: I followed the friendship goes relationship story between Joey (the young Katie Holmes), Dawson and Pacey every week with such a high curiosity that it was very hard to wait another week for the next episode.

What else? It appears like there were not so many series around this time that I spent my time with 😉

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2 Kommentare zu „A life in TV Series! Part I: Childhood and Teenage Years“

  1. You missed one: „Das Sandmännchen“, little sis. And have you ever watched Alf recently? I just now recognized he makes constantly jokes, you can’t understand as a child.

    -big brother (still watching the blog)

    1. You’re totally right. How could I forget „Das Sandmännchen“?! Yeah, the jokes in Alf are not very understandable for childs. And its the same with „The Simpsons“, too! sis

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