Roasted Leek!

Pics by Franzi. Last week’s courgette-parsnip patties were served together with roasted leek and a wild salad. Like promised, here comes the leek recipe – it’s a vegetarian „evergreen“ recipe in my kitchen, which I prepare since I was 12 years old. The complete dish: Roasted leek, courgette-parsnip patties and wild salad! Recipe: Serves 2-3. …

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Wait? Barbecued Carrots? Yes, Carrots!

Pic by Franzi. Last weekend I was at a BBQ where the hosts grilled… carrots! I was intrigued and couldn’t wait for tasting them :). What can I say? They were delicious! Recipe: Adapted from Weber’s Grillbibel. Ingredients: Serves 6-8. 1 kg young carrots, 2 TblSps butter, 2 TblSps aceto balsamico, 2 TblSps maple syrup, a …

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Not only on my balcony: It’s Tomato Season!

It’s official: The tomato season has started: On my own balcony, in the vegetable gardens, on the farmers market. And I’m always again surprised about the variety of forms and colours you can find there. What a sharp contrast to the always pale red things you find in the supermarket the whole year-long. But what …

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