Not only on my balcony: It’s Tomato Season!

It’s official: The tomato season has started: On my own balcony, in the vegetable gardens, on the farmers market. And I’m always again surprised about the variety of forms and colours you can find there. What a sharp contrast to the always pale red things you find in the supermarket the whole year-long. But what can you do with this sudden abundance of tomatoes?! I looked around the web and found some very tasty looking solutions! But first a few more tomato facts I learned over the years on my balcony:

i) Do you know that tomatoes, from a botanical view, are really berries?

ii) The worst thing/disease that can happen to your tomato plant is blight. And it will happen sooner or later, depending on how wet the plant will get and the weather conditions. In an early case you can try to remove all affected leaves (and then hope!), in all other cases harvest all green fruits as soon as possible, put them in a closed cardboard box and wait. They will afterripe (be patient).

iii) If you have a plant full of green tomatoes and none of them is getting ripe, it may mean that you didn’t remove enough of the suckers that develop in the crotch joint of two branches. If this doesn’t help, twist the main shoot of your plant. This should help.

Baked ricotta and goat cheese and candied tomatoes via Food52

Watermelon and tomato salad via La Domestique

Tomato butter via Little B Cooks

Goat cheese and tomato tart via Martha Stewart

Tomato Jam via Food52

Alice Waters‘ Ratatouille via Food52

Find HERE even more tips for growing your own tomatoes.

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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