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Momentaufnahmen meines Lebens!

Endlich Frühling! (Hamburg, 23. März 2019)

Man kann den Frühling nicht nur sehen, sondern auch riechen und hören: Blütendüfte und Vogelgeschnatter sind omnipräsent. Ich liebe diese wundervolle Jahreszeit, die uns alle so viel gelassener und fröhlicher stimmt. Ganz bestimmt explodieren die nächsten Wochen noch mehr Blumenmeere. Ich freue mich darauf und währenddessen blicke ich kurz zurück auf die schönen Momente der vergangenen vier Wochen meines Lebens.

Habt einen fantastischen Start in eine neue Woche voller Frühlingsgefühle :)!

Marktzeit in meiner alten Heimat Osnabrück – das gab es viel zu lange nicht mehr (Osnabrück, 23. Februar 2019)

Immer wundervoll: Kleine Auszeit bei Sonnenschein auf dem Altonaer Balkon (Hamburg, 27. Februar 2019)

Aufregende und interessante Tage auf der Social Media Week #SMWHH19 (Hamburg, 28. Februar 2019)

Das unfassbare bayrische Buffet zu Suses Geburtstag (Berlin, 2. März 2019)

Ganz alte Lieblingsheimat: Friedrichshagen (Berlin, Spreetunnel, 4. März 2019)

Der perfekte Blick auf den Isebekkanal. Spaziergang mit Freunden nach dem Besuch des Isemarktes (8. März 2019)

Fashion Highlight Spring 2017: Blousons (Bomber Jackets)!

Two blousons I saw last week at the #SMWHH. Pic by Franzi.

The last week I spent at the Social Media Week Hamburg #SMWHH. I not only learned a lot of interesting new things, but also spotted very stylish people all around me. The one item that I came across again and again were silky (really: parachute fabric!) blousons – aka bomber jackets!

I was surprised: Bomber jackets always remind me on my adolescence in the 1990s were they represented a clear (right-oriented) political standing. Now they come with floral designs and bright flashy colors. They are teamed up with skirts or skinny jeans and worn by women and men! With the still colder temperatures out there most people I met wore them as a blazer or cardigan underneath their winter coats. Nevertheless, I am sure that blousons will be worn as light coats when it’s finally getting warmer.

Would you wear a bomber jacket? Let me know!
Have a beautiful week!

Some second-hand blousons I found in the PICKnWEIGHT store in Hamburg.

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What I Learned at the Social Media Week in Hamburg! #SMWHH

SMWHHPic by Franzi.

“We are right in the middle of the digital revolution.”

Last week I happily joint another Social Media Week. This time in Hamburg. Those are the things I learned at the #SMWHH:

About Facebook:
“Every 2nd organization in the U.S. posts at least one video per week on Facebook.”

“You can tell a good story in one post … or in ten.”

“A post that would have been okay in the past, is made perfect by a professional writer today.”

“Social media are not a channel anymore, it’s a mindset.”

“Today the organic reach of a Facebook post is 6% of your followers, in short time it will be 0%.”

“Organic reach is like a gully – nothing is projectable.”

10 Reasons to use twitter (by Christiane Brandes-Visbeck):
1. The first to know. Knowledge is power.

2. Recognizing trends. Being innovative.

3. Following experts and influencers. …and becoming one.

4. It’s the taking part that counts! Twitter users belong to the information elite.

5. Networking like a pro.

6. Becoming an ambassador for your label.

7. Speaking for the organization …with your own words.

8. Showing the own competence. Being visible as an expert.

9. Social selling.

10. Formulating your own thoughts – and being heard.

About the start-up culture & networking in Germany:
“People don’t have a connection in Germany…. Everything starts really isolated. Networking and helping each other out has to be part of the culture.”

About journalism in a field of special-interest:
“The internet promotes specialists.”

“Niche journalism empowers the own label.”

“Niche journalism needs passion, passion, trust, marketing and business sense.”

I wish you a wonderful start into the new week. May it be a social one :)!

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