Home. Pic by Franzi. I am home and safe… The last two days in Berlin were crazy, in a bad way. Hopefully it will be calmer now, so that everyone has the chance to enjoy those last days before X-Mas. There’s no snow, but its freezing: Let’s light a fire and relax. Have a beautiful

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Look of the Week!

Pic by Franzi. This week’s look is something like my signature style: A flower dress, plus a wooly cardigan, plus a cotton cardigan underneath, plus a scarf :). What shall I say? I just like it the girly comfy way! Dress: H&M old collection (new alternative). Wooly Cardigan: H&M old collection (new alternative). Grey cotton

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Look of the Week!

Pic by Franzi. New week – new look. Today with a little sensation: A jeans! Since I nearly never wear trousers, I always have to get used on it before I actually feel comfy. But this combination with a wide feminine top and a yellow splash of color made the adjustment process quite easy ;).

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Look of the Week!

Pic by Franzi. Another look of the week – a handmade summer dress combined with a warm wooly sweater and a cuddly scarf. For a slight feeling of summer during wet and grey autumn days :). Dress: DIY (alternative). Sweater: H&M old collection (new alternative). Scarf: Heirloom (new alternative). Have a beautiful day! Like always:

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Sustainable Shopping: Krochet Kids Intl.!

„We work with highly vulnerable women who live in poverty stricken regions of the world. Our program empowers women with the resources to rise above poverty. Forever. Empowered women transform their families, communities, and the developing world.“ Impact of Krochet Kids Intl. Upper Row: Long Sleeve – Headband – Bag. Lower Row: Shirt – Shirt

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Lipstick Ladies!

Bright red lips are such an easy fix to freshen up every face! All those different shades: Orange-red, blood-red, pinky red! Those stylish ladies presented here are wonderful examples of the artwork a lipstick can do… Example 1 – Example 2 – Example 3 – Example 4 – Example 5 – Example 6 – Example

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Spring Wish List!

Trenchcoat via Armedangels – Shirt via Armedangels – Dress via People Tree. Shirt via People Tree – Shirt via People Tree – Jacket via People Tree. Just a bit daydreaming… or mentally shopping for spring. Some stripes, some marine colors, some pastels. Gosh, those warmer temperatures are not good for my savings ;). Like always:

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