A Garden Wedding!

The beautiful wedding cake – with the names of the bride, the groom & their little daughter! All pics by Franzi. Now we are definitely in the midst of this year’s wedding season! On Saturday Stephan and me were in Hesse at the beautiful garden wedding of his second cousin Simone and her groom Olli.

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X-Mas Decoration Ideas!

Gingerbread Garland – Pumpkin Snowmen – Burlap Garland. Fruit Tree – Book Stack Tree – Acorns. Is your flat decorated already? Mine is full of crafted Froebel stars, but could still use a Christmassy make-over. Here are some decoration ideas… and I will definitely make a book stack tree! Like always: All credits appear after

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Pretty X-Mas Wraps!

X-Mas is coming nearer with BIG steps! Do you have already all gifts for your loved ones? I have … zero (plus a slightly panick attack). But hey, at least I found some pretty wrapping ideas for my not-yet-existing gifts ;). Happy Wrapping! Confetti!!! Via You Are My Fave. Nautical! Via Etsy//NormansPrintery.Cozy! Via Boxwood Clippings.

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