My New Flat: Apartment Tour!

Last week I finally put some pictures on the walls of my new flat in Hamburg. Now it really feels like home. Since I wanted to make some apartment tour stories on this blog anyways, I thought it may be the right time to start with my own. Here are some impressions of my new home.

Have a wonderful start into the new week. Let it be a beautiful one!

HH1I found some old microscopic drawings by my grandpa from 1960 and framed them. (All pics by Franzi.)

HH2My living room is bright and cozy.

HH3The bedroom still needs a few more pictures, but ist also bright and friendly.

HH4My new house friend – the yeast. …A present by my pals Isa & Conny.

HH5Like in every past flat of mine, the doors are carrying heavy on my cardigans, coats and scarves.

HH7The flat has a lot of doors – you can actually walk in a bg circle from the kitchen into the living room into the bedroom into the corridor into the kitchen and so on…

 HH6The one thing I am really missing in Hamburg is my big balcony, but at least I have some herbs on the window sill and a kind of community terrace in front of the house.

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