Fast & Easy DIY: Paper Bag Star!

My paper bag star. All pics by Franzi.

Have you decorated your flat festive already? I may be the last human being on earth discovering the magic of paper bag stars. They are simple to make and incredible pretty! Just in case there are still some of you out there, who also never made one before, here is the fast and easy instruction:


You need: 

8 paper bags, 2 cardboard paper strips (as long as the paper bags, app. 0,5 cm wide), a glue-stick, scissors, some ribbon for hanging, a hole puncher.


Place a bag on the table with the opening facing you. Apply glue centered from top to the bottom and from left to right along the bottom of the bag (in „T“ shape). Repeat this step until all eight bags are glued on.

Cut the right and the left side of the bag to a point, to create the star pointers.

Add slits, curves or triangles to the side as you like.

Then the cardboard paper strips are used: Apply glue on each strip, place it at the center of the paper bags and press firmly. Proceed the same way on the backside. Round off the overlapping ends of the strips with a scissor.

Punch a hole in the end of the strips (at the triangle-shaped end, as hole for the ribbon).

Unfold your star and be happy :).

Have a beautiful week!

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