Hop On! It’s Easter Again!

Almond Chicken Baby by Fork&Beans – Paper Sac Bunny Bag by Clear and Simple Stamps – Wooden Egg Family by Handmade Charlotte.
Washi Tape Easter Eggs by Lovely Indeed – Sprinkled Easter Eggs by Studio DIY – Bunny Napkin by Tortelina.

Hop, hop, hop… Easter arrives fast! Every year I am asking myself: Didn’t we just celebrate X-Mas?! The answer is – like always – yes, but it’s also already three months ago ;). Now it’s time for celebrating spring and bunnies. To get you into the right mood, I present you – like every year – a few DIY easter ideas!

Hop, hop! I Wish you a wonderful start into the easter week, my bunnies! Hop, hop!

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