Project 333!

Only two pieces of my full wardrobe! Pic by Franzi. Did you hear about Project 333? It’s the resolution to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months (including clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes), thereby creating new stylish looks, save money and the environment! I already did a whole year of a shopping …

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Flaming Reds

It is still incredibly freezing. Yesterday, my train took one hour longer than on normal days because of frozen rail switches 🙁 So it’s time to bring the heat back into the country. Maybe it works with these flaming red clothes. Red is not a trend. It’s a colour that will always be stylish. In …

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Modcloth, Fancytreehouse and Gorman

While searching the net for new looks and clothes three interesting shops drew my attention during in the last weeks: Modcloth (indie), Fancytreehouse (vintage) and Gorman (australian). All of them selling inspirational, creative and often colourful items with a certain twist. I picked two favorites of me from each shop to give you an idea… …

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