Flaming Reds

It is still incredibly freezing. Yesterday, my train took one hour longer than on normal days because of frozen rail switches 🙁 So it’s time to bring the heat back into the country. Maybe it works with these flaming red clothes. Red is not a trend. It’s a colour that will always be stylish. In particular on such cold winter days…

Do you wear often red clothes? -I have to admit this colour is still very limited in my own wardrobe.

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4 Kommentare zu „Flaming Reds“

  1. Not often, but I definately love to wear flaming reds. Unfortunately it doesn’t match my somewhat reddish hair very well. Love it in combination with black or dark blue!

    1. Yeah, reddish hair could be a problem with some shades of red… A combination with dark blue sounds exciting! I have to try this soon 🙂

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