Cheese Salad!

Pic by Franzi. This may be the most unhealthy and heavy salad ever. But I had this crazy cheese salad craving this week and prepared me one big delicious bowl ;). Recipe: Serves 2-3. Ingredients: 200 g cubed Elemental cheese, 125 g blue cheese (thinly sliced or crumbled), 4 TblSps mayonnaise, 4 TblSps yoghurt, a […]

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Roasted Leek!

Pics by Franzi. Last week’s courgette-parsnip patties were served together with roasted leek and a wild salad. Like promised, here comes the leek recipe – it’s a vegetarian „evergreen“ recipe in my kitchen, which I prepare since I was 12 years old. The complete dish: Roasted leek, courgette-parsnip patties and wild salad! Recipe: Serves 2-3.

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What can you eat at a New Year’s Party? Mmh, that’s an easy one – FONDUE! Nothing is better than to enjoy the melting warmth together with a long chat with dear friends around a hot pot of broth/cheese/chocolate… Classic: Broth fondue by Tim Mälzer (German). 2nd place in the Food52 „Your Best Fondue“ Contest:

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