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Appenzeller Salat (serviert in einer Kokosnuss)!

Appenzeller Salat in Kokosnuss

Ich liebe Kochbücher – besonders haben es mir alte Kochbücher angetan. Darin finden sich einfach die leckersten Klassiker. Letztens habe ich das Buch Delikate Salate von 1983 aus dem Regal gefischt und diese wunderbar frische Käsesalat-Kreation entdeckt: Appenzeller Salat, angerichtet in einer halben Kokosnussschale – gut, dass ich davon noch eine rumstehen hatte. Das Auge isst schließlich mit :).



200 g Appenzeller Bergkäse, 2 säuerliche Äpfel, 3 Scheiben Ananas aus der Dose, 125 g blaue Weintrauben (am besten kernlose), 3 EL Salatmayonnaise, 3 EL Schlagsahne, 1 EL Kokosraspeln, Zucker, Salz, Cayennepfeffer, 1 Messerspitze Ingwerpulver.


Den Käse würfeln. Äpfel waschen, entkernen und in kleine Stücke schneiden. Ananasscheiben würfeln. Weintrauben waschen und halbieren.

Käse, Äpfel, Ananas und Weintrauben in einer Schüssel mischen.

Für die Sauce Salatmayonnaise mit der Sahne, den Kokosraspeln und den Gewürzen verrühren und über den Salat gießen.

Etwa 30 Minuten kühl stellen, dann in halben Kokosnussschalen servieren.

Lasst es Euch schmecken!

Let’s Talk About… Funny Food Favs!

PizzaA ready-made pizza with some extra pineapple I put on top of it. Pic by Franzi

Let’s talk about funny food favs! Mine is easy – I like pineapple on my pizza. A lot of pineapple. No, not on a pizza Hawaii, but in combination with onions, bell pepper, tomatoes and/or corn. For me it’s totally normal. I am even known as the funny woman who orders a pizza Hawaii without ham but with more pineapple at the pizza delivery service. A lot of people give me “the crazy look” when I tell them about this baked pineapple desire of mine. But hey, it is simply delicious :).

Tell me – what are you’re funny food favs?

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Salad No. II: The sunny one!


Pic by Franzi.

Wow, these were again seven fast days…. and I thought that this month’ challenge of preparing one new salad recipe per week would be easy. Let me admit something: The here depicted salad was made TONIGHT. Right, I ate a full plate of a heavy salad consisting of pasta, tofu and salad cream at a very late hour. I am not sure if this challenge is really a benefit for my diet. At least it was delicious – and yellow. The sunny color is a real treat for my eyes after the grayest winter since more than 40 years. So, now I am full and happy. – Sleep is overrated anyway.


Ingredients: Serves 4.

250 g pasta, 1 package smoked tofu (cubed), one handful frozen peas, 1 chopped onion, 2 TblSps curry powder, 1 TblSp powdered coriander seeds, salt, red pepper, 1 small pineapple (peeled and cubed), 200 g salad cream, 3 TblSps lime juice


Cook the pasta in salted water until it is al dente. During the last 3 minutes, add the frozen peas. Drain peas and pasta, put them into a big bowl and let them cool down a bit. Roast the smoked tofu in a pan in 1 TblSp olive oil, add the curry powder and the coriander. Roast for another 2 minutes. Put the spicy oil with the tofu into the bowl. Add the onions, lime juice, pineapple cubes and the salad cream. Season with salt and pepper.

Recipe for PRINT!


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