A Tour through Hamburg’s Theaters!

imperial2Pics by Franzi.

Saturday was the Theaternacht Hamburg (night of the theaters in Hamburg). It was a great way to experience some of Hamburg’s famous theaters. We decided to visit the Staatsoper Hamburg, the crime theater Imperial, the Thalia Theater and the Schauspielhaus. Since we saw completely different performances, we couldn’t decide what was best. The theater season 2016/17 starts now – and those previews were really promising!

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week – have an entertaining one!

staatsoperThe Hamburger Staatsoper. Here we got a glimpse into their production of Mozart’s Zauberflöte.

imperial1The crime theater Imperial presented their play Der Rächer by Edgar Wallace.

thalia1The Thalia Theater showed excerpts from their play Wut/Rage.

schauspielhaus1„Death or Alive“ was the motto of the competition between a slam poet, who presented her own work and an actor, who read the text of a deceased actor in the Schauspielhaus (the poetry slammer won :)).

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