The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert!

The Signature of All Things is a book I wanted to read for quite some time. First, because it is written by the wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert, whose name is reoccurring regularly on this blog (read my reviews about her book Eat, Pray, Love or about her podcast Magic Lessons, if you like). Then – as a Biologist myself – I was intrigued by the novel’s story:

The life of Alma Whittaker, the daughter of a bold and charismatic botanical explorer, who studies the world of plants and science in the 19th century.

Finally, the novel was the last book I bought for my Grandma before she passed away. She loved reading and I thought she would like the plot of a woman’s life more than a century ago. I don’t know if she ever had the time to read it – but I hope she did because it’s a wonderful book that gives insights into the history of science, the U.S., Europe, the Tropics and a lot more.

I actually listened to the audio book version in German – read by one of my favorite actors, Suzanne von Borsody, who made a great job! Conclusion: A must-read (or -listen to)!

I wish you a wonderful late-summer weekend! Have a remarkable time :)!

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