My Grandma Hilli … Omi!

Omi und ich_bearbeitet1Me and my grandma 1982. All pics ©Ahnert/Witte.

Today it’s my grandma Hilli’s funeral:

She cared for me when I was a baby, I even lived at her place while my parents where still studying in another city and as a creepy adolescent I came back to live with her and my granddad for a while again.

For today I bought a new dress. I had one of her typical sentences in mind: „I like your dress but couldn’t it be a bit longer?!“ My Omi had her own head and own believes, was not always easy to handle for other persons but always for me. She had her unique opinions. One of her very last sentences was (laying in bed, crossing her arms above her breast): „In the films, the dying people always lay in the bed this way. Why? It’s really uncomfortable. I always have to move myself from one side to the other.“ It made us all laugh so hard.

Now she’s gone. It’s something that she wanted. She didn’t like to be in pain, everything was in right order. Everything is good as it is … and she will never be forgotten.

Omi jung_bearbeitetMy grandma in the 1950s when she was working as a children’s nurse.

Some things she liked…

Places: Hiddensee, Berlin, the Hotel Neptun and the Montmartre.

Taste: Viola pastilles, crisp bread, green tea with lemon, strawberries, nut cake, potato salad made with vinegar, celery soup and fennel as a side dish.

Plants: Chestnut trees, tulips, geraniums (but without the ‚waste‘ on her balcony).

Activities: Jigsaws, watching German TV series (she wouldn’t pick up the phone at certain time slots), reading (Peter Scholl-Latour, novels about Australia like those from Patricia Shaw and the German TV mag Hörzu with all those crosswords and interesting articles), having a bath in the tube (she never liked taking a shower).

Scent: CD soap and products from fenjal.

Omi und ich_bearbeitet2My first new year’s party… with hat and Omi.

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week. Have one to remember!

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