Summer Vacations 2016: Wrap-Up!

9The harbour in Barth. All pics by Franzi.

Now they are over… our summer vacations 2016. Those were two wonderful weeks at the Baltic Sea and I have to admit that I am a bit sad that they are already gone. Nevertheless, they were full of wonderful experiences: Our little house in Barth and the harbour were the central spot of our stay. From there, we visted Zingst, Rügen, Hiddensee, Stralsund, Prerow and the northern beach ‚Darßer Ort‚. Then there was also the fantastic concert by my clarinet hero Giora Feidman (who actually welcomed every guest at the door personally – I was gobsmacked) and a (rainy) play at the open air theater in Barth. Now, I start refreshed and motivated into work (and dream about those wonderful past days now and then to refill my batteries ;).

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week – have a powerful one!

11Our beautiful street in Barth.

7The harbour at night No. I.

2The harbour at night No. II.

3The ‚Bodden‚ (the bay of Barth) – on the way between Barth and Zingst.

12The beach at Zingst.

10A cliff in Rügen.

8The gorgeous Giora Feidman after his concert in Barth’s St. Marien church.

6Rain and sun were always present ;).

5A fantastic day and night in Hiddensee!

4Stralsund and the Gorch Fock I.

1Back in Hamburg (Isebekkanal).

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