The Books I’ve Read: Unter dem Moskitonetz // Under the Mosquito Net by Elizabeth Dunkel!

BookPic by Franzi.

Since Elizabeth Dunkel’s 1980s novel Every Women Loves a Russian Poet is one of my favorite books, I had to read her second novel Under the Mosquito Net as well.

Again, the story is about a single woman: Maia Rose is a successful beauty editor living in New York. She seems to have it all but she yearns for more and starts a trip to Mexico where she meets other ‚gringas‚, a grumpy men, a Don Juan, new friends and a totally other lifestyle. But does she really belong there?

Despite the fact that I love Elizabeth Dunkel’s style of writing I was a bit disappointed by the story – it plays with to many stereotypes. Thus, I would rate the book with only *** (out of ***** possible).

I wish you a fun weekend! Have a happy time :)!

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