„Der Fisch Ohne Fahrrad“ or „Every Woman Loves A Russian Poet“!

BuchPic by Franzi.

A few weeks ago, I took the train back from Berlin to Osnabrück. On my journey I was joined by Karo, a friend of mine. Since we have to tell each other always quite a lot, it was an entertaining trip. Then she told me about a book she bought the day before on a Berlin flea market and that she had to think about me when she started reading it. The book is called Der Fish ohne Fahrrad by Elizabeth Dunkel. The translation of the title is the feminist quote „A fish without a bicycle“ and the original English title is Every woman loves a Russian poet. The book was first published in 1989. Thus, I was a bit sceptical that I could really identify with its main character – Kate or, how she calls herself later on, Katja.

But I was wrong: Katja is a single woman, who lives in New York. She works as an ad writer, loves her job, her flat, her cat Boo and her city. Katja is Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw. She often reminded me of myself. Her thoughts, her desperate moments. She has a big (desperate) crush on her shrink and later also on Boris – a russian poet {everyone who knows me privately is allowed to laugh out loud now}. During the story Katja has to learn that she is worth a lot, even without a man at her side – and that she needs a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle.

Thanks Karo for giving this book to me – it was a great read! I strongly recommend it to all the single ladies out there!

Have a wonderful weekend, filled with a stack of good books!

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