What I Learned at the… DIRETTISSIMA #dico16!

DirettissimaThe fantastic Marie Meimberg reading a hilarious story from her book Sei du selbst, alles andere wirst du eh verkacken.
Pic by Franzi.

I am back from Munich where I was at the DIRETTISSIMA #dico16, a brand-new media conference! 15 talks in only one day were a tough program but in my opinion a big success. The atmosphere was relaxed, the sun was shining and the location a great choice. Here are some essentials I took home from the #dico16 speakers…

¯/_(ツ)_/¯ „In regard to social media, we all need to learn composure“Dirk von Gehlen in his talk about the Shruggie.

„Use the same names (nickname and username) – otherwise no one will find you.“ // „If you use 3rd party apps, SnapChat will possibly close your account.“Richard Gutjahr about SnapChat.
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„In the beginning of the 20th century the name ‚computer‚ was a job title. Mostly it was taken by women“Fiona Krakenbürger about women in tech.

„It’s better to die on the Sea than through bombs.“Anna Dushime. Those were the words of a refugee explaining his escape from Syria. Anna Dushime took the family (parents and two kids) home to give them shelter over the weekend and also supported them afterwards. Again, this topic make me tear up. Thanks Anna!

„Future is only possible through creating emotions. In reality.“Leander Wattig about networking. Meaning: To really reach people, you have to offer real-life experiences (like congresses, conferences, meet-ups etc..).

„The top {of the mountain} is a clear goal. You need well-defined goals because during the steps on the way to reach it, you need to know where you actually are.“ // „An unknown goal means you have to take a way no one has taken ever before. We need to accept errors and we need to allow them and learn fast from them.“Stefan Glowacz about extreme (!) mountain climbing and being an entrepreneur.

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week. Be innovative, dare something and have a perfect time!

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