The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins!

Did you already read The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins? If not, it’s a must-do! The book was a big success in the year 2014 and was on my ‚X-Mas book wish list‘ back then. I planned to read it in between the years in December 2015, but it was too exciting to read it slowly. Thus, I was already done with it on December 25…and had to look for another book in my mum’s house :D. This is what the story is about:

A girl commutes from London’s suburbs to the city. 5 days a week. At an intersection the train stops every time for a few seconds or minutes. The girl looks out of the window and observes a couple that lives near this intersection. She names them Jason and Jess and fantasizes about their dream-like relationship. But then it happens: One morning she sees something that changes all their lives – the girl’s, „Jason’s“ and „Jess“.

I wish you a wonderful weekend. Have an exciting one :)!

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