Those Audio Books!

I have a new addiction while traveling – listening to audio books! Here are the books I already heard via my Audible account:

The Commissar Dupin series by Jean-Luc Bannalec, read by Gerd Wameling…

I already listened  to episodes 2 and 3 (I read the first one as a ’standard‘ book) and have the fourth on my list. The books are French crime novels at their best – you can smell the salty Bretonic air and the Commissar is wonderful cranky. Moreover, I recognize myself every single time he describes his coffee-addiction.

Alle Toten fliegen hoch – Amerika by Joachim Meyerhoff, read by the author himself…

I already read the follow-up Wann wird es endlich wieder so, wie es nie war with my literature club earlier this year. There,  Joachim Meyerhoff describes his childhood in the North of Germany. In his first book he concentrates on his exchange year in the U.S. during his adolescence. It’s the year his brother died in a car crash, but also the one he became a ‚grown-up‘. I highly recommend you to listen to this sad-funny story.

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, read by the author herself…

I already read this wonderful book about Elizabeth Gilbert’s way to find herself during a sabbatical year in Italy, India and Indonesia a few years ago. Now it’s a beautiful new experience to listen to the author herself reading about her adventures (…and pronouncing all those pretty Italian words ;)).

I wish you a wonderful weekend. Have a good one :)!

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