Me & You … A Short Film By Jack Tew & Sorcha Anglim!

It’s Friday :)! Let’s finish this week with a sweet and creative approach to catch a whole relationship in one short film: Me & You by Jack Tew and Sorcha Anglim looks down at the moments that make a love story … from the ceiling of a chamber. It shows really everything: The excited rush shortly before meeting for a film night, the first tender touch of the hands, the passion, the silly moments but also the rising boredom after the first excitement is gone, the discussions and the fights… the sadness after a relationship ended despite all the happiness in the beginning… and the start of something new. I loved the honesty of the film, its crazy perspective and that it shows that also a finished relationship had its perfect moments that will stay forever.

I wish you a wonderful weekend. Leave your rooms and spend the time with your loved ones!

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