Kite Fights on the Rooftops of Rio de Janeiro!

Filmmaker Guilherme Tensol collaborated with sports magazine Victory and Brazilian production company Mosquito Project to produce this  documentary short titled Kite Fight for the New York Times: In the crowded favelas of Rio de Janeiro, flying kites is more than a leisurely activity. It’s a playful form of battle – people go up to the rooftops to fight with homemade kites by using strings coated with wax and powdered glass in an attempt to cut the strings of competitors. Entire battles are fought this way. It’s incredibly how such a small activity like flying a kite can mean so much for some people!

I wish you a wonderful weekend. Enjoy every moment!

Dedicated to W. & his family. He may have lost his battle, but he was the greatest fighter who thaught us all to live in the moment!

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