Sunflower Summer 2014!

My so-called Luck’s header wears sunflowers. – For me, they are the personification of happiness. They are bright yellow, they spread their petals as if they’d like to say: „Oh, hi there. How do you do? I am feeling faaantastic, dude.“ (Okay, that may only happen in my blooming mind.) Since the original picture of the header was gone missing during the phenomenal crash of my hard disk in the year 2011, I asked a few of you to look out for new sunflower fields this summer. Below you can see a small selection of the pics. Do you also love sunflowers as much as I do? Or what flower is your favorite?

I wish you a wonderful start into a new week, filled with lots of sunny moments!

Sunflower Franzi1© Franzi

Sunflower Franzi2© Franzi

Sunflower Franzi3© Franzi

Sunflowers Franzi4© Franzi

Sunflower Marie© Marie

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