Everyday … Noah Kalina Takes a Photo of Himself EVERY DAY!

For the last two weeks, I didn’t do anything more than to think about new creative ideas and developing innovative business concepts. I don’t know yet if this was really successful for me, but at least I stumbled upon Noah Kalina and his inspiring Everyday project: Since January 11, 2000, at age 19, Kalina started to take one photo a day of himself … every single day. His face is positioned at the center of the picture and remains emotionless. Since 2000! That’s an incredibly long time. In 2006 he made a video showing the photos chronologically with a piano piece by his ex-girlfriend Carly Comando playing in the background. The success of this video was enormous – there was even a Simpson’s episode about it. I guess, the innovative element in Noah Kalina’s project is very simple: No one did this before … for such a long period. What a motivation to keep on going and just doing what one has to do!

I wish you an inspiring weekend! Every day should be a new invention!

2006: Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years.

2012: Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 12.5 years.

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