August Favs!

August…AUGUST! I am back from the Baltic Sea since yesterday. Now I have to find my way back to everyday-life in good old Osnabrück. The one good thing is that summer isn’t over yet and the best part of it is still waiting for us. August nights are the best! Really… the nights: They have this special scent in the air – full of adventures and promises. How will you spend them? I hope to meet as many friends as possible and enjoy August until its very last day!

Have a wonderful start into the new month and the new week! May August fulfill its promises.

Those tentsile tree tents! They look incredible adventurous … and a bit scary!

What a beautiful DIY idea: Fabric planters by A Beautiful Mess.

This funny laundry bag made me laugh! Via badbatdesigns (etsy shop).

Gemma Correll nails it … again!

A stunning home story: Gwen & Gawie Fagan (via Freunde von Freunden).

Those roasted eggplants look like a perfect summer night dish! Via With Food and Love.

This choreography by Yanis Marshall is incredible … and extremely funny!

And this song sounds like the pure essence of the summer 2014 (and this video & its 80s look really are fantastic!): Kiesza – Hideaway

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