A Young Adult Treat For Myself: The Edge Of Water by Elizabeth George

From time to time I can’t resist: Then I treat myself with a good piece of Young Adult literature. This time I enjoyed the second book of Elizabeth George’s Saratoga Woods series, The Edge Of Water.

I read the first book, The Edge of Nowhere, last year and I loooved it: A girl who could hear thoughts as whispers, a crime and a love story – all in one book. So, I couldn’t await to read the second book of the series. Becca, the main character hides still on Whidbey Island from her stepfather, who searches her because Becca „heard“ his whispers and knows that he killed his business partner. But the life on the island offers a lot of distractions – her relationship is in trouble, she has nowhere to live, there is a mysterious seal to deal with and a girl who does not speak…

The book is written in an easy language and the plot extremely exciting. Nevertheless, at Goodreads I gave the book only *** from five stars possible: I am still not sure if I like the ending of the book or not. So, read it yourself – then we can discuss it :)!

I wish you a wonderful (soccer) weekend, full of fantastic mysteries! Go Germany!

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