May Favs!

MAY! Last weekend I celebrated my 32nd birthday with a bunch of nice people and realized once more that the year is running. How can it already be May? It’s my favorite month – not only because I was born in May, but because spring is in full bloom at this time of the year and one can already sense the first signs of summer. I am waiting for a month packed with new adventures and experiences, like a The War On Drugs concert in Hamburg. Oh, I can’t await it!

Have a wonderful new week and a fresh start into this fantastic month!

Those are wise words! Via Highest Heels.

A beautiful DIY idea: Indigo dye napkins. Via Cupcakes & Cashmere.

Ooooooh, so pretty: Le Creusset Matte Collection.

Yummi looking: Grilled vanilla bean mascarpone peaches with salted bourbon caramel. Via in sock monkey slippers.

Emily McDowell’s illustration made me laugh out loud – so many truths in one cartoon 🙂 Via A Cup Of Jo.

What a nice gift idea: Custom recipe-engraved cutting board. Via DamiansWoodWorks.

This cute little person stole my heart. Via Highest Heels.

A girl throws a coin into the hat of a street musician – watch yourself what happens.

A song for a relaxed start into the new month.
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