A Few Thoughts About Liberty…

LibertyPic by Franzi.

I don’t know where it comes from… but I grew up strongly believing that I am completely free in all my decisions and that I have the liberty to do whatever I want to do with my life and wherever I wanna do this. I always believed that I have the liberty to decide with whom I wanna spent my precious time and with whom not. I am 31 years old now and learned (or had to learn) that this personal liberty and my way of living is not always easy and in some ways even impossible: I have to earn money to be able to pay my rent, to travel or to go concerts. I have to learn my profession before I can convince people, that I am worth their paying. If I wanna decide where I live, I sometimes have to commute over large distances. If I wanna be free in all my decisions I have to trust only myself and no one else, sometimes not even my best friends.

I still have big dreams … a project in the pipeline, a freelance career in mind. I love my city and the people around me. Nevertheless, everything could be a lot easier if I would follow the paths that are ’normally‘ expected from me – like moving into the city I work or earn money in the industry. It would be easier, but it wouldn’t make me happy. I would not feel free or like myself. I do it my own way. Maybe all the efforts are leading to nowhere and in a few years I will ask myself why I did what I do now. Hopefully I will remember then that liberty counts a lot more for me as a person than a career or fulfilling anyones expectations. To act in a way I can feel like myself is what liberty means for me.

What does liberty mean for you?

I wish you a week full of dreams and choices!

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  1. Wow, was not expecting this kind of entry in your blog. Would rather fit into mine. 😉 Do your own way, sis. Just inform me from time to time. Hehe.

    -little brother

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